Renault tobacco re creates Eclipse, a heating non burning product

According to the Winston Salem newspaper, Renault tobacco companies is trying to open a new chapter with heating non burning product Eclipse, according to the report of tobacco industry communication. The Eclipse technology developed in 1990s was considered “ the leading product of ” but it was not touted by smokers at that time.

According to an investor from the Anglo-American Tobacco Corp, Renault tobacco has been heavily involved in the regulatory system of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in July. The application here is aimed at products that have the same characteristics or different features in February 15, 2007 and before, but do not cause different public health problems.

Reynolds tobacco spokesman David Howard said: “ our application is based on the old version of the Eclipse has improved, especially the sensory characteristics and easy water. ”

He added: ““ FDA review does not have a clear timetable, but we are confident that it will be completed in the near future.”. ”

For Eclipse, smokers ignite the carbon tip and heat the air. When inhaled, they absorb the flavor of the mixture.

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