More than half of young smokers in Britain buy illegal cigarettes, according to the survey

According to the tobacco industry report, the survey compiled by the anti smoking organization Fresh showed that 55% of the underage smokers in the northeast of the UK disclosed the so-called “tag house” to purchase illegal tobacco. 73% of respondents said they had bought illegal tobacco. Based on the findings, Hart Poole health and consumer leaders are supporting new initiatives to combat illegal tobacco.

Today Fresh launched a new Keep It Out campaign to assist the public in finding illegal tobacco and to encourage smokers not to buy illegal tobacco.

Hart Ian, Harrison’s &ldquo, says: “the illegal tobacco trade fair brings crime to the local community, and we hope to encourage an open dialogue in the community where the transaction exists to eliminate this illegal transaction.”. Our trading standards team will never let go of any information, and once it is discovered, tough enforcement actions will be taken. ”

The survey of more than 3000 people in the Tees district showed that illegal tobacco accounted for 10% of the total tobacco population. Private addresses are the main source of nearly half of sales, followed by bars, clubs and stores.

Fresh Rutter, director of Ailsa, said: ““ fewer smokers than ever before; illegal cigarettes often cause children to start smoking, because children buy it with their pocket money, and they don’t care who they sell.”. ”

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