Domestic tobacco prices fluctuate in Japan

Tobacco prices were set at 1887.14 yen per kilogram for 2018 tobacco growers in Japan, up 0.51% from 1877.57 yen per kilogram last year, according to the tobacco industry newsletter.

2017 cigarette prices were flat in 2016, but the price in the 2016 tobacco season was 2.2% lower than 2015, which was 1920.1 yen \/ kg, 0.71% higher than 1906.47 yen per kilogram in 2014. 2014 cigarette prices were flat in 2013, but 0.84% higher than in 2012.

Japan Tobacco said the day before, Yoshio Kobayashi’s tobacco Committee (LTDC) said it had identified 2018 farmers annual domestic tobacco planting area and prices, in response to the proposal submitted by Japan Tobacco day.

The committee agreed with the recommendations of the Japanese tobacco industry in general, and determined that by 2018, the domestic tobacco planting area will reach 7436 hectares, a decrease of 4.7% over the previous year. The committee also agreed with Japan’s tobacco price proposals.

The committee is responsible for dealing with important matters concerning domestic tobacco planting and purchasing, responding to inquiries from representatives of Japan Tobacco, comprising 11 members, selected by Japanese tobacco growers and academics, and approved by the Ministry of finance.

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