Illegal cigarette sales resulted in a British tobacco tax shortfall of 2 billion 400 million pounds

According to Talking Retail, the latest data compiled by the British tax and Customs Administration (HMRC) estimates that the tax difference between the amount of tax payable and the amount of tax is estimated to be 2 billion 400 million pounds.

The latest data show that the illegal market of cigarettes and hand cigarettes has resulted in a 2015-16 year tax loss of 1 billion 900 million pounds and a vat loss of 500 million pounds.

During 2015-16 years, cigarette tax difference is estimated to be 1 billion 600 million pounds, hand rolled tobacco tax shortfall estimated 800 million pounds.

A spokesman for the tobacco manufacturers association said: ““ these figures confirm that the government’s high tax policy on tobacco taxes has led to smokers seeking cheap alternatives from the black market and abroad. ”

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