A new cigarette electronic cigarette pen from a British start-up company

According to fortune, online cigarette writing attracts many traditional cigarette smokers every day, and now a British start-up has created an electronic cigarette that claims to be able to help permanently quit smoking.

The electronic cigarette pen was created by Ian Murison and Kaveh Memari, and these two people are dissatisfied with the status of electronic cigarettes. Although there are a lot of electronic cigarettes on the market, most of them are doing very badly, without “ cigarette style experience ”.

For example, many smokers smoke cigarettes outside. The electronic cigarette can own, where smoking can, sometimes smoking a few cigarettes, or even a whole pack of cigarettes, not as good as an electronic cigarette with great eloquence.

Morison and Memari finished AYR, looks like a pack of cigarettes, filled with a cigarette, and the equivalent of a cigarette electronic smoke. When the cigarette is put back into the box, it will automatically fill the electricity, and next time it will be a brand new cigarette.

They also have many different tastes and different nicotine levels, which can help users gradually reduce their dependence on nicotine.

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