British and American tobacco will launch Glo in Russia

According to the official website of the British American tobacco tobacco online reports compiled to start selling its new tobacco heating products Glo in Russia before the date of the Anglo-American Tobacco Corp. The device can heat the tobacco at 240 degrees, and the steam formed during heating is about 90-95% lower than that of the conventional cigarette smoke. The device has only one button, one charge, 30 times of sustainable pumping.

Attila Kundrak, general manager of Anglo American Tobacco Russia Company, said: ““ we believe that Glo has the potential to change the way cigarette smokers consume tobacco in Russia.”. Our goal is to achieve the critical amount of this supply in the short term and become the leader of the Russian tobacco market. ”

Anglo-American Tobacco Corp has designed Glo technology in more than 100 scientists, engineers, designers and tobacco experts at the R & D center in the United kingdom. Glo has been sold in Japan, Switzerland, Canada and South Korea, and Russia is the fifth largest market.

The Glo, which is available in Russia, will offer 5 colors, silver, graphite, blue, champagne and pink. Kent Neostiks™ developed for Glo, which has three flavors: Classic tobacco flavor, citrus mixed flavor and fresh mixed flavor.

Glo sells for 3500 rubles, one Neostiks&trade, and sells for 130 rubles. In October 19th after the online pre order in, to achieve a single product stores and retail chains in the short term supply. Sales field will gradually expand.

Attila Kundrak said: ““ Kent Neostiks™ made by the British American Tobacco St Petersburg plant, exported to Japan, Switzerland and canada. The plant is one of the most modern factories in the world, and the first factory in the world to produce tobacco sticks. Anglo American Tobacco Russia Company has invested about 1 billion rubles in St Petersburg to produce heated tobacco sticks so far.

Over the past 6 years, British and American tobacco has invested more than $1 billion 500 million in the development and promotion of potential lower risk next generation products (tobacco heating products, steam products and hybrid systems). British and American tobacco has provided the next generation of products in 15 global markets, and plans to expand to more than 40 markets in 2018.

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