The Canadian province of Ontario tobacco tax hike can only stimulate the black market

Tobacco online according to the “Toronto sun” report compiled the Ontario Ministry of Health Committee of experts on the day prior to the announcement of the development and modernization of Ontario province “smokeless” report called for massive tax increases on tobacco tax.

Imperial brand general manager of Canada Company Gagnon said: Eric “ on the tax issue, these organizations did not dare to face, they are not aware of the problem of smuggling province. It’s irresponsible to call for increased tobacco taxes, because 40% of the market is illegal in the province, and 70% in the north. With more taxes, more smokers will turn to illegal channels to buy cigarettes. ”

A spokeswoman for the national anti tobacco alliance Gary Grant believes that the report ignored the real problems, and points out that only take effective measures to solve the problem, the 1\/3 cigarette is sold illegally, the annual tax loss of $1 billion loss caused by. He said about 93% of illegal cigarettes were produced in 50 unregulated factories in the Indian states, which produced 10 thousand cigarettes per minute, and then smuggled from elsewhere to the province. There are also 300 legitimate similar factories in the country, most of which are sold to Indian customers in Ontario and Quebec provinces.

Dave Bryans, President of the Ontario convenience store association, thinks the report ignores the problem of illegal cigarettes.

He said, ““ I hope this document can explain the reasons for the prevalence of illegal tobacco in Ontario.”. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) is well aware that 150 organized gangs provide contraband in Ontario, but everyone is blind to it. We are not questioning Indians, because they have the right to duty-free tobacco, but are used by other people to infiltrate all other communities in Ontario. ”

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