Australian anti smokers appeal to tobacco companies for risk of smoking openly

Tobacco “tobacco industry newsletter” reports compiled the British “Guardian” recently reported that a U.S. Court forced tobacco companies issued a statement on the dangers of smoking, Australian anti smoking advocates believe that Australia should also be the case, and public health experts in the country have been to Australia Leah of the tobacco companies responsible person to call them, tobacco lethal and smoking and nicotine addiction statement. Advocates want the tobacco companies to disclose their attempts to make tobacco products more addictive.

The statements were broadcast once a week for one year, which is said to have caused millions of dollars in losses to tobacco companies.

The court case prompted a coalition of public health experts to Australia sent a letter to the British American Tobacco and Philip Morris International responsible person, calling on them to tell their tobacco products in a similar movement in the truth.

The letter pointed out: “ we hope you can share our views, Australians are entitled to the same with the American public information, understand the fraud of the tobacco companies, to the public and consumers lying and tobacco companies and the tobacco industry for decades. ”

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