Smoking rates in southwestern England fell to historic lows

Tobacco online according to the “Bournemouth daily” reports compiled data show that the number of smokers in southwest England reached its lowest point since the ban came into effect 10 years ago, Britain’s smoking rate reaches the minimum. The British public health department said, since 2007, southwest of 230 thousand people to give up smoking, compared with other major towns, Bournemouth smoking related deaths at least.

In 2007, 20.7% of the people in the area were smoking, but the latest figures in 2016 showed that the number of smokers had dropped to 14.3%. This is because the government passed a new law in 2007 forbidding anyone to smoke in enclosed public places and workplaces.

Russ Moody, director of tobacco control at the public health department in the southwestern United Kingdom, said: ““ smoking rates continue to decline in southwest England, which is now below 15%, the lowest in history.”. Tobacco sales also fell as the number of people who quit smoking continued to decline. This is a good news, but to encourage more smokers also need more work to keep their health, avoid develop lung and oral cancer, coronary heart disease (CHD), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)), emphysema and stroke disease. What’s more exciting is that the rate of smoking among 18-24 year old people has fallen sharply, which has taken a solid step towards the realization of a smoke-free generation. ”

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