Turkey steam smoke rally by police raid

Tobacco “tobacco industry newsletter” reports compiled Turkey Istanbul police raided the day before the smoke steam rally in Beyoglu District Ismail provided one of at least 800 people held on the street in the carat. Police detained 3 organizers and issued a ticket to all participants on the grounds of &ldquo and indoor smoking &rdquo. The Turkey regards steam smoke installations as tobacco products, so legislation applicable to tobacco products is also applicable to such installations.

The organizers of the steam cigarette conference posted a document on Facebook, inviting everyone to join it, calling it “ an unrestricted steam cigarette rally, ”. Organizers rented a restaurant terrace for the rally, announcing no fees, and participants were allowed to smoke all kinds of steam smoke equipment for free. Police have already begun surveillance of the rally.

Steam smoke has long been sold in Turkey, with an average price of 150 to 450 lira, which can be purchased online or through illegal channels. The Ministry of health has not issued any import licenses for steam smoke installations so far.

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